Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Been busy skating and teaching recently, so little on the artwork front, although I did go to Sweden to build this for the launch of the Nike shoe I did, in conjunction with my holmes, Danijel ( Pictured ) and my friend Sam. Check the Nike SB site for more on this project.

Also got an email from this girl this morning who is down for life. Good work Caitlin, if you ever want me to design something for you for free it's on, shit like this deserves some dues.


Posted by Oldandnew @ 12:00 am

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Man....that sucks, thats the exact tattoos i've been thinking of getting for about the past 3 weeks haha

Posted by Anonymous Josh @ 12:34 pm #

i meant tattoo...

Posted by Anonymous Josh @ 12:35 pm #
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