Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When I was about 14, I got NWA's 'Straight outta Compton' bootlegged from a friend. Ever since that day and the subsequent purchase of my first flannel shirt and a Raiders trucker, I have always had a soft spot for this logo, and well to get to the point always wanted to mess about with it.

Heres my rendition for the 08. May do it as limited print. Black and silver.

Working on a 'haters' one too.

Posted by Oldandnew @ 9:00 am

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wicket! me likey a lot. in primary school i had a raiders sweat (grey with black neck & cuffs) with full chest logo...hotness i tell thee!!

Posted by Anonymous sandy @ 12:43 pm #


I too remember the days of rocking the raiders garb....i also had an L.A Kings baseball cap too...as i can recall all the L.A teams had the same colours?....so sick.......I also had a Raiders shiny jacket......dope!

i thought i was M.C Ren or something.


Posted by Blogger the snore @ 12:49 am #
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