Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As with all big deals like a show in LA, there are always problems. Basically to cut a long and winding story short some of the work didn't make it from FEDEX, they fucked us big style.

I managed however to produce a shows amount of work in a week, instead of the 3 months worth of work sitting in a warehouse in Memphis. It all worked out good. I only shot a few photos on my digital of this big wall piece, better photos and that to follow.

You can check out movies, interviews and other stuff here at the Scion Gallery website. The opening reception was attended by around 1000 people so it worked out good. Check some people having fun at this guys site.I ate loads of ridiculous food and managed to skate venice beach, dance my lanky ass of to Danzig and hang out with some lovely peoples.

More soon.

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Looked nuts mistertron.
You got no luck on that posting artwork thing eh?
Muthaaas. Tried to call yer the other day, ye back yeet?

Posted by Blogger capitano jings @ 7:16 am #
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