Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I haven't really been producing that much recently, because well, to be honest I am sick and tired of all the shit thats out there right now, nothing seems to be inspiring me, its all the same, and to be frank I am sick and tired of my own shit, which I also think looks the same and even when you change it up an play about it with ideas, for me theres always something missing, something I need to get from it, which right now, I'm not.

However this is my issue and not wanting to misery anyone who actually reads this crap, I thought I would run a little insight into my creative process, whatever the fuck that is.

1). Basically I start by getting out a blank pad, I put all my sketchbooks aside, and just look at the page for a while, maybe listen to some music, and just try and relax, but not too much so as not to take the edge off. Then I just start drawing and see what happens. I sketch out a bunch of dudes, ideas and try and link them all together with some kind of narrative, however vague.

With this in place I break out the liner and get tight with that shit.

2). I start rocking a fill, I got this pen in Japan its like a refillable indian ink brush pen. It's really nice to use, with a valve and everything. It's pretty dope.

3). I am usually getting into it by now and maybe Eddie Cochran gets going on Itunes.

4.) Cup of tea. I need some kind of stimulation. I have been inking for a good three or so hours by now. I am pretty slow.

5.) Fills are fucking boring, but theres something about the tranquility of it. As a person, especially when I work I have to try and keep at bay an over active anxiety problem, my hands sweat, my mind races, and sometimes using a nice brush and some ink really helps to appease the demons.

6). I learnt a lot of technique from my Dad, who used to be practicing signwriter in the Royal Air Force. Those guys were fucking amazing, he used to paint the insignias on forces aircraft, such precision and the scale was awesome. Puts most people to shame, that level of skill and precision. All free hand too, not this digital bullshit.

Anyway, if anything I pride myself on getting down freehand, its a dying 'art'.

7). Right thats it. 7 Hours work, give or take. This part will form a piece of print I am doing for the guys over at Manual Magazine. Hope they like it, and thanks for reading.

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I really like the Indian chief on the right of that piece... nice work DD.

Posted by Blogger The Dirt @ 4:23 am #

dude, that was really inspiring. after a long sunday of sitting around wishing i was drawing and not drooling im going to go finish whative started. that is a great drawing too! handcrafting is the knees

Posted by Blogger common dude @ 2:03 pm #
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