Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is all part of a mini exhibit as part of a bigger show, local to me. A nice lad shylocked me into showing some work, so here it is. Schomberg Gallery, Colchester.

I am really into to these drawings, one colour, free reign, sometimes I get bummed out at how colour sometimes ruins what your going for. I prefer how clean it is, how its so binary, and allows your eyes little choice.

This board is a tribute to Marc Mckee's Jovontae Turner Board from back in 1992, I don't know why I made this and the other guy at the top, I just really liked how Mckee was tackling racial issues so directly, almost side stepping the social commentary, I just like the fact that both Jovontae and Marc obviously were poking fun at political correctness, its kind of great, just like how Richard Pryor / Eddie Murphy / Dave Chappelle would and still do.

Of late I have been really into exploring the often forgotten racial stereotypes perpetuated by 1930's/40's/50's animation, especially through Warner Brothers canon of work and other smaller independents like Felix the Cat.

Hey, I am not trying to read polictial and social attrocities into my work, I just think its amazing, how extreme all these examples were, from the house maid in Tom and Jerry or even how Disney was drafted into demonise all sorts of characters during Americas war efforts in late 30's.

It's just funny how propaganda hasn't really moved on. I don't really take politcal stand points, not because I don't have any, only because I don't feel I am in any position to be voicing them, and don't really believe it should take a place in "art", or more to the point, the kind of stuff myself and others like me do, but you can't deny its presence, in everything we look at from the flags we follow, to the religions we worship, to our peers in power, Art and politics remain synonomous, no matter how much you shy way from it, sometimes, and even for a dullard like me theres no where left to hide.

If you get a moment, I found this interesting. Go back from that link and check out the entire site.

Anyway if you about check out the work, its on St. Johns Street, Colchester. There are loads of other bits in there that might take your fancy too, not just my junk.

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