Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ollies are good.....

Went skating today, for once...and realised I can actually ollie pretty well...its amazing the 13years of practice may actually be paying off.

Doubt it.

This owl was watching me the whole time.

Curses. I must find this heathen and silence him.

Posted by Oldandnew @ 9:43 am

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very away away

Posted by Blogger nonose @ 1:14 pm #

this owl looks cheekily happy at putting you off skatin'

Posted by Anonymous ruefive @ 7:26 pm #

me gusta la tecnica y los personajes que creas estoy recien viendo tus trabajos y estoy buscando algunas animaciones (si es que tienes) . . .

** mos **

Posted by Anonymous **mos** @ 9:15 pm #

really nice..keep on skating dude

Posted by Anonymous niklas sweden @ 4:05 pm #
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