Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dist.One Versus Elph

Heres a sneaky peak at a page from my "Running Amok", its a little collab between myself and scottish pal Elph....anyway hope you like it, you should check the book out when it comes out....if it does, as I am going insane trying to come up with stuff I am super happy with...it will be available from Analogue Books and bunch of other nice places, Toodle-pip.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

First post....

Thought I would start one of these as I am bored and its always good to have a rant on the computer when no one else will listen. News wise, busy right now sorting out a bunch of shit, busy working on a issue of Running Amok for Russell at Analogue books, also I sorting out the next run of "The Harmony" boards and also I have to paint a bunch of shit for various shows.

All that may sound like a check me out rabble of what shit I am doing, but when you just want to go skating or better still hang out with your wife and your cat, It can be a bit taxing to get inspired. Being an artist aint all glasses of wine and presitgious openings its pretty crap, usually people dont give a shit about you and what you actually want to achieve...they just want to see if they can bring you down...or just use you to make there shit hotter....anyway I could whinge alot but I try and stay upbeat.

Todays picture, is well and old one really from a show I did a while back....anyway....I think these guys work.....PEACE

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